Message from Centre Holidays' CEO
Carlton Montaut, CEO - Centre Holidays

Message from the CEO

The following message is for travel professionals and people that are new to the industry hoping to join our family of home based travel agents.

Travel has been my only career and I joined the industry in 1979. I have been in various positions since then, but marketing and management have been my forte. Of course, during these years I have travelled the world extensively for leisure and business. Another important aspect of myself is in all these years of travel I have only helped to grow various travel businesses. I have never been the cause of any closure. Now that’s what I call 35 years of success in the travel industry.

I am a firm believer in the importance of travel professionals and that they do make a difference handling customer travel requirements. I have strong leadership skills and a very good understanding of the Canadian and American markets. My extensive years in travel have helped me to build contacts and relationships within the industry across Canada, the USA and many other countries worldwide. As the founder of Centre Holidays, there are three words that have brought about success for my agents: Passion, Dedication and Support.

Of course, all of this has been possible because of the wonderful team I have at head office:

  • Barbara Sasiadek, Chief Financial Officer
  • Michele Montgomery, Manager, Operations
  • Andre Montaut, Manager, Marketing and Technical Support
  • Jillian Montaut, Manager, Administration and Recruitment
  • Janine Kasuya, Manager, British Columbia
  • Dustin Shaw, Administrator, Support
  • Kristen Montaut, Administrator, Accounting
  • Valentine Skeels, Team Leader, Alberta
  • Cara Fahlman, Team Leader, Saskatchewan

Centre Holidays was created in April 2003. Barbara Sasiadek and I started this as a partnership. I am proud to say that we have overcome some of the most turbulent times in the travel industry. During the economic recession many travel agencies closed their doors whereas we expanded. In October 2009, our Home Based Travel Agent business was launched and since then we have grown from two agents to over 200 across Canada. How was this possible? I mentioned previously, three words.

Passion: My passion for travel is and was so great that in spite of financial difficulties at the start, I overcame all obstacles.

Dedication: Passion just proves my dedication to make this program successful.

Support: In any business, if you do not provide support you will not get results. My agents get the best of everything. This is a family business with the phrase "We care for our staff and agents." Hence, this would not be possible without the support of my family who support my travel venture.

A special thank you to my wife Jillian of 35 years but a friend for 41 years.

Thanks to Jermaine and Kristen who support me and presently plays a role in my operations.

However, nothing would have been possible to date without the tireless effort of my eldest son Andre who heads IT and Marketing and is continuously thinking of ways to improve the business and make it easy for the agents to market themselves.

If you wish to share this experience with us, join us.


Carlton Montaut
Chief Executive Officer

Centre Holidays