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At Centre Holidays, we do everything we can to support our home based travel agents. Here's what they have to say about their experience working with us.

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When I was doing my research of agencies to join, Centre Holidays stood out first as their initial information was very transparent and easy to follow. I reached out to Centre Holidays and a few other agencies and Jillian responded within hours. I felt that if I was given this kind of attention this early then this is the place for me. From day one I have had support from the team at Centre Holidays. No question is too small and I am always guided in the right direction with great care. My business has grown each year with Centre Holidays and that is all thanks to their support and valuable training tools. I have also been supported by fellow agents within Centre Holidays. You will find when you join, the first thing they will say to you is 'welcome to the family'. We are not part of a business we are part of a family. We support each other and celebrate our successes together.

Kristin Hoogendoorn
Joined In 2017

I can’t say enough about being with Centre Holidays. In these past few months I have seen how agents pull together to really help each other out. They have gone as fast as setting up a Zoom conference call so that we are all on the same page to getting together to discuss topics like fees, flights, how to book groups, etc. It’s all on the table, intimate and interactive.

Justina Botelho
Joined In 2019

After making the decision to return to the travel industry, I started looking for options to be able to work from home to fit my family's schedule. After doing some homework and research, Centre Holidays was at the top of my list. They checked off everything on my list that I was looking for. They provided me with everything I need to get started from a laptop and stationary to training and on-going support. Whenever I have had a question or needed help, it has been there in an instant. The other agents with Centre Holidays are also willing to help and are very knowledgeable, it is like one big family that I'm very proud to be a part of and hope to continue my learning and growth with this company for many years :)

Anna Aitchison
Joined In 2015

I joined Centre Holidays in July of 2015! I have a young family and a full time job but I love travelling and wanted to try out being a travel agent. So far I'm loving it! The head office team is awesome and have been really helpful and supportive! I'm so happy with my choice to join Centre Holidays!

Vanessa Leduc
Joined In 2015

Centre Holidays has provided me the flexibility to pursue my passion for the travel industry and also has given me guidance and support throughout the years. A wealth of knowledge and truly professional in everything they do, I am glad to be part of this extended family of travel seekers and dream makers!

Pritpal Nanua
Joined In 2011

For the first six months working with centre holidays I was astounded with the service that they offered. The training that I got was outstanding, easy to follow and understand. They walked me through the entire process, make me feel appreciated and not frightened to ask questions because they are so professional and very helpful.

When you need them, they respond to you right away whether they are at home or at the office. I'm so thankful to be part of a successful and growing travel company. I don't hesitate to sell my products to my clients because I know that Centre Holidays is an excellent company.

Gill Rirao
Joined In 2015

Centre Holidays is the best travel agency I've worked with! I've been with them for over 6 years and the training and services they provide are over and above anywhere else. The start-up fees were minimal and the monthly management fees are very manageable with the services they provide (including: website and email maintenance, invoicing system, and a great agent resource for training and vendor directory). Best of all, the management team is always available and are a great resource with the experience and connections they have and are always looking to grow the business of each of their agents.

Imran Ali
Joined In 2010

I was at my last trimester when I was searching for a host company that accepts travel agents that are new to the travel industry and only Centre Holidays offers flexibility on membership fees. Most host companies, if they are not accepting travel agents that are new to the industry; they have extensive high fees and no installment program. For a rookie in the industry and at the same time for someone who doesn’t have a clientele base yet and just starting off, Centre Holidays offered flexibility.

Centre Holidays is very understanding with situations like mine and are very helpful in all aspects. I was at the middle of my training with Carlton when I gave birth and he was so understanding with my situation that he postponed our training until I was ready and back again on my feet. I could not thank Centre Holidays enough for giving the opportunity to me as a mother of two very young kids (3 yrs old and a 6 month old) to work at home while taking care of my children.

It is indeed that Centre Holidays is a family; not only a family of travel agents but a family that cares. Cheers to more success for Centre Holidays and for all my fellow agents!

Amor Jaramilla
Joined In 2015

I have been a home based travel agent with Centre Holidays for over 5 years. I started with no experience in the industry, just the desire to become a certified travel consultant. Centre Holidays provided the training I required to get my certification and then further training was done one on one to enable me to become knowledgeable about providing quality travel products for my clients.

Even though I am working from home, there is excellent support available if needed, both from the head office and from an ever-increasing pool of fellow agents located across the country.

As far as costs go for starting your own business, I found Centre Holidays to be very reasonable and have easily made back my initial investment.

I am enjoying the freedom of working from home and can put in as little or as much time as I have.

For anyone considering entering this business, I would say that my experiences have been very positive and would not hesitate to recommend Centre Holidays.

Jay Stoller
Joined In 2012

It has been over a year with Centre Holidays, and it is the best choice I have made!

After having worked for Singpore Airlines for almost 15 years, I looked for a company of a similar standard and Centre Holidays has certainly proven its worth in its professional approach along with a personalized support system all year round. T​he ​continued and consistent​ ​help from head office ​has been incredible.

Shoba Subrahmanyam
Joined In 2013

I joined Centre Holidays in October 2011 and it has been a great adventure!

They offer a turn key opportunity and give you all the tools to be successful in the travel industry. Carlton and his team at head office are phenomenal. You can always count on their ongoing training and support. They will answer any question you have. Centre Holidays gives you the freedom to focus on your Niche.

Being a Home-Based Agent, I don't feel like I am alone. I have this amazing group of fellow Centre Holidays agents all over the country I can rely on! We all have our area of specialty and we are all willing to help each other with tips and ideas.

Valentine Skeels
Joined In 2011

When I approached Centre Holidays to explore my options in becoming a home-based travel consultant after being employed with a few other travel agencies, I instantly knew this is where I need to be.

I appreciate the well thought out marketing strategies, on-going trainings, and real support from the management. They are so easy to communicate with and responsive if there is an issue or a question arises.

I am particularly pleased with all the support I get to add more value to service my clients such as promotional flyers, exclusive wedding invitations for my wedding groups and my bride and groom’s very own mini website. The devil is all in details.

I found my experience with Centre Holidays rewarding as my client list has increased dramatically. It is fantastic working with them and I can’t rate them highly enough.

Mandana Etemadi
Joined In 2013

I have been with Centre Holidays for a few years now, and it has been an an incredible journey; I have the freedom to work at my own rhythm, with outstanding support and help from the management team; There is always someone available to answer questions, provide training and assistance.

Fabiola Leconte
Joined In 2012

My wholehearted appreciation to Centre Holidays for giving me the opportunity to sell travel. Head office has always been there for me any time I need them, yet they have never interfered with anything I am doing. It is gratifying to know that I can depend on my manager for her invaluable assistance with any questions that I may have. Furthermore, my manager went out of her way to book travel for my clients when I was unable to do so during my recent operation.

Because of Centre Holidays' knowledge in the travel industry they have consistently made extra efforts to help me in completing and making sure my bookings go smoothly, and for that I am truly grateful.

Though, I am relevantly new at being a home based agent my commissions have been wonderful. As an example, two clients of mine went on a safari to South Africa. My commission for just that one booking was over $800.00. Not bad for a home based agent – eh? Therefore, because of all of the above, I look forward to many more years with Centre Holidays.

Janice Romano
Joined In 2010

My Husband and I joined Centre Holidays in 2009 when they started their home based program. In February 2010, I joined the management staff as a trainer, to train and support agents.

Recently I have stepped into the role of manager. Our head office staff is always there to answer questions and guide the agents whether they are new to the industry or have years of experience.

As a home based agent, you develop a very different relationship with your co-workers than you would in an office setting. Networking is very important and Centre Holidays' agents help each other with tips and ideas.

Centre Holidays gives you the freedom to focus on whatever market you have an interest in. If you want to focus mainly on cruises, air, groups, weddings or a particular destination, you will get the support, training and guidance to be successful!

Michele Montgomery
Joined In 2009

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