Centre Holidays - Redefining Travel

Company Profile

Centre Holidays is a host travel agency consisting of over 300 home based travel agents who help travellers on a daily basis get away on their dream trip.

Centre Holidays was created in March 2003 by Carlton Montaut and Barbara Sasiadek and has been a retail travel agency since its inception. In 2009, Centre Holidays established itself as a host travel agency for travel agents across Canada.

Since 2010, Centre Holidays has grown from a 2-person organization to having over 300 home based travel agents across Canada.

The hard work, determination and service provided by Centre Holidays' home based travel agents have made the company become one of the most awarded host travel agencies in Canada.

Centre Holidays redefines the way the world views travel and as the company reaches new milestones and travellers, they will continue to raise their standard of excellence and level of service.

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